We bridge the sidewalk gap.

Colgate sidewalk bridges solve the problems of safety, efficiency, unique job spec and budget restrictions. High quality Colgate bridging meets all Federal, State and local codes...and usually surpasses them. We design and install each piece of equipment ourselves.

Colgate sidewalk bridges free your crew to do the work they need to do. Dropped tools and falling building materials no longer pose a danger to pedestrians. Worry is eliminated. And, since peace of mind makes workers more efficient, your jobs are completed faster.

If standard bridges won't do the job, we design and install customized structures to satisfy both your needs and your budget.

450 7th Avenue, Herald Square West 34th Street and 7th Ave, sidewalk bridge being used for advertisement.

145 4th Avenue
, Corner of East 14th Street, bridge waiting for advertisement to be installed.

60 West 14th Street, Corner of East 6th Avenue, sidewalk bridge

The French F. Building
, 551 5th Avenue, custom Bridge panels made to match building's designs.

The NY Athletic Club, 180 Central Park South, 25ft. high bridge installed over a shored up sidewalk.

The Cromwell Collier Building
, a custom bridge built for protection and advertisement.

125 Park Avenue, a custom bridge is installed.

Yankee Stadium, Bronx, New York, Emergency bridge installed at Yankee Stadium to protect fans from falling debris.


450 7th Avenue

145 4th Avenue
Corner of East 14th Street

60 West 14th Street
Corner of East 6th Avenue

60 West 14th Street
Corner of East 6th Avenue

The French F. Building

The NY Athletic Club

The Cromwell Collier Building

125 Park Avenue

Yankee Stadium





1470 Bruckner Blvd
Bronx, NY 10473


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