Suspended Scaffold

Powered Suspended Scaffolding.

Colgate brings to its customers electric swing staging called Hi-Lo and Tractel Climbers. Colgate Scaffolding is the Tri-State distributor of Hi-Lo and Tractel Climbers. This powered scaffolding has received the S.I.A.'s National Safety Award. With a variety of different angled sections in pieces small enough to be transported by a small truck and set up by one person, stages can be set up to a length of 60ft. If electric swings are not applicable for your job, air driven hoists are also available.

Penmark Real Estate, 45 East 25th Street, suspended swing stage scaffold 500 ft. drop, platform is modular to wrap around the balcony.

State Armory Sport Center, suspended a 4 point swing 40 ft long x 16 ft wide to access ceiling for painting.

Electric Swings on side of building, 2 electric swing stages set up for brick wall.

101 Barclay Street, A four point suspended swing is installed to replace fallen tiles on ceiling 300ft. in the air.

State Armory Sport Center

101 Barclay Street

101 Barclay Street

Penmark Real Estate

Electric Swings on
side of building

State Armory Sport Center

Modular Powered Swing Stage Systems

Hilo Climber Complete Rig

Illustration Constists of:

1 Pair Hilo Powere Stirrups with Drills (HLD800F)
1 Pair 150' Wire Rope Assemblies (HLWR150)
1 Each 150' Electric Cord (HLEC150)
1 Each Electric Yoke (HLY-30)
1 Each Hilo Adaptor (HLAD)
1 Pair Swing Stage Wall Bunters (SSWB) with J-bolts
1 Each Modular Stage with Guard Rails and Toeboards
4 Each Casters (355-025)

Tirak Complete Rig

Illustration Constists of:

1 Pair Hoists (XE501PA)
1 Pair Stirrup Connectors
1 Pair Hoist Adapter (355-500) (355-201)
2 Pair 150' Wire Rope Assemblies (THWR150)
1 Each 150' Electric Cord Asembly (THEC150)
1 Each Electric Yoke (THY-34)
1 Each Pigtail (THPT)
1 Pair Wall Bumpers (SSWB) with J-bolts
1 Each Modular Stage with Guard Rails and Toeboards
4 Each Casters (355-025)

Modular Staging

Hi-Lo Climbers Model 355

Hi-Lo Climbers give true meaning to the term Modular. Modular means complete versatility & flexibility. The efficient design allows the user to assemble a staging system easily into a vast array of configurations that accommodate today's modern architectural shapes.


  • Section of 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 10-foot allow lengths of up to 40 feet with 1,000 lb. loads. Standard Corner Sections of 15°, 30°, 45°, 60° and 90° can be assembled to conform to virtually any shape. Cantilever Sections extend the overall length to 52 feet.
  • Ruggedness, strength and safety result from the custom designed, extra strong extruded aluminum truss (Section 2) that incorporates the toe board.
  • Lightweight aluminum knockdown Sections are easily transported, set-up and stored in a limited floor space. A dismantled 40-foot stage with hoists and accessories can be delivered in a pickup truck.

Powered Scaffolding

Hilo Climbers and Accessories

Manual Suspended Scaffolding

In addition to the electric swing staging, Colgate carries two types of manual suspended scaffolds. The manual systems are suitable for smaller jobs where electric swings are not needed. The two major types of systems are the Grip Hoist system and the Block and Fall. The block and fall is a rope scaffold which consists of 3/4 inch rope and two pulleys; this system is preferred by painters and masons. The Grip Hoist system is a mechanical jack that climbs a wire rope. This system is used by general contractors and is one of the safest manual swings around.


  • Service parts available worldwide
  • Modular platforms
  • Open breech reeving
  • Multiple safety systems
  • Electric and air driven Motors
  • Capacity up to 1000 pounds
  • New construction
  • Building maintenance
  • Bridge maintenance
  • Ship maintenance
  • Painting
  • Mining
  • Any work on high vertical surfaces which needs to be accomplished cost-efficiently and with a high degree of safety for the workers.

Mechanical Swing Stage Systems

Griphoist Mechanical Hoist Systems

Manual Swing Stage Systems

Painter's Rope Falls - Manual Rope Fall Swing Stages are still very popular for painting and masonry work because of the low cost and light weight.


Hanging Methods/Support Devices

Fall Protection Equipment

Related to climbing activities and fall protection, there are many cases when local and OSHA laws and codes dictates that the worker use various combinations of belts, harnesses, lanyards, rope grabs and/or descent control devices. If you have any questions regarding how to solve your fall protection problems, please contact us.

Full Body Harnesses

Yokee™ Fall Arrest Garments

A Yorkee™ is a patented combination clothing/safety harness for fall arrest and rescues from confined spaces. It is easy to use, just put the garment on and buckle up. The Yokee may be used by employees working at dangerous heights or in confined spaces. It meets OSHA, ANSI and CSA regulations. Our unique design has a comfortable fit and will be custom fit to the wearer of the garment. Since the harness is sewn to the inside of the garment (although not limited to the inside) it is protected from environmental elements such as ultraviolet light, inclement weather, abrasives, water and more.

The Yokee product is more likely to be worn by people who need to wear a harness. A bright florescent safety strip is sewn to the leg of the garment to identify that the wearer is in a harness. OSHA and others will know that the person wearing our product is in a safety harness.

  • Increase safety
  • Insures OSHA compliance
  • Lowers liability and accident claims
  • Saves man hours - Less setup time
  • A bright florescent safety strip is sewn to the leg of the garment to identify that the wearer is in a harness.

Rope and Rope Grab

"Grab-Me Rope"
Lifeline Safety Rope
Web Lanyards
Wire Rope Grab
Rope Grab
Rope Grab
Rope Grab
Rope Grab





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