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Colgate has a large inventory of material hoists that will let your work move along safely and efficiently. Whether you are lifting building materials or masonry blocks, material hoists are the way to go. Our hoists are capable of lifting material up to 250 feet at a speed of 80 feet per minute. A variety of other material hoists are available with a number of different accessories to suit any type of job.

Colgate carries three types of material hoists; ALIMAK, BETA MAX and HI-TECH Hoist -- they encompass different mounting options for your unique needs.

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10-17 Jackson Ave.


SCANDO 20/30 TD - 4400 lbs.
SCANDO FC 28/37 TD 6200 lbs. Capacity

Beta Max

Portable Hoists
Max Climber 2000-P
Max Climber 2000

Hi Tech Hoist

MR-3003 Platform Material Hoist
RP-2500 & RP-3003 Platform Material Hoist
MR-2001 & MR-2010 Material Platform Hoist


Hydraulic Swing Hoist

Swing Hoist

Maxial Track Hoist

Product & Safety Features:

• The Scaffold Erection Tool.
• A durable lightweight design that is easy to transport.
• Quick assembly, no tools required.

• Perfect for interior or exterior applications, on frame or systems    scaffold and in confined spaces such as boiler maintenance.
Upper and lower limit switches, electromagnetic disc brake.
• Universal carriage locking device in the event of cable breakage.
Push button pendant included with standard controller.
• Reliable hoisting unit, incorporates a voltmeter to signal infufficient    power, and LED to inform operator of motor status.

The pride of Hi-Tech Hoist
The Golden Eagle Portable Electric Material Hoist with its various mounting options and accessories has made this unit the "hoist of choice". From the PR-550, providing up to 550 lbs lifting capacity, the PR-800 with 800lbs lifting capacity, to the PR-2000 with 2,000 lbs. lifting capacity, these hoists provide endless hours of maintenance-free performance. Mix and match any of our mounting options or accessories to customize your application.

PR-2000 (Double Cable)

- 2000lbs. Lifting Capacity
- 125 ft. Lifting Height
- 40 F.P.M. Operating Speed
PR-2000 (Single Cable)

- 1000 lbs. Lifting Capacity
- 250 ft. Lifting Height
- 80 F.P.M. Operating Speed
- 1/4" Galvanized Cable
- Dual Voltage 110-220V
- 2HP Single Phase Motor
- Size: 35" L x 14"W x 16" H
- Weight - 210 lbs
- Longer reach available - up to 350 ft.


- 800 lbs. Lifting Capacity
- 160 ft. 3/16" Galvanized Cable
- 80 F.P.M. Operating Speed
- Dual Voltage, 110-220V
- Single Phase Motor 1.5 HP
- Size 31"L x 10"W x 17"H
- Weight 160 lbs.
- Longer reach available up to 250 ft.

Trestle Monorail System

Counterweight Clamp Assembly (optional)

Scaff-Trac System

I-Beam System

Vertical Post Mounting


Brick Fork

Brick Tray with Spreader Bar

Block Fork

Spreader Bar

Wheelbarrow Sling

Scaffold Frame Fork

Basket with Spreader Bar

Dumpster Bucket

Mud Tub





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