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Sales and Rentals

Colgate Scaffolding also brings you the opportunity to rent or buy equipment. If interested click below to find out more about it.

  • Sidewalk Bridges
  • Scaffolding
  • Shoring
  • Debris Chutes
  • Electric and manual Swings
  • Aerial work platforms/Scissor lifts
  • Material Hoists (Personal and Material)
  • Ladders: aluminum, wood and fiberglass
  • Safety Netting
  • Mast Climbing Work Platforms
  • Prompt delivery, Boom and forklift with operator available
  • Major credit cards accepted
  • Sales

Complete Safety Package

Little Giant

Bil-Jax Multi Purpose Tower

Van Racks

Scissor Lifts


Major Distributor of:
Bil-Jax   Scaffolding Products
Hi-Lo Climbers   Powered Suspended Scaffolding
Superchute   Trash Chutes
Dbi/Sala   Personnel Fall Arrest Equipment
Hi-Tech Hoist   Material Hoists
Waco   Scaffolding and Shoring Products
Alba   Mechanical Suspended Scaffolding Hoists
Beta Max   Material Hoists
Adrian Steel   Steel Products
Gemtor   Personnel Fall Arrest Equipment
Strong Man   Safety Netting and Tarps
Feldman   Lumber
Lynn Ladder & Scaffold   Scaffolding Products
Werner   Ladders and Aluminum Platforms
A-1   Laminated Scaffold Planks
Vanguard   Scaffolding Products
Thypin   Steel Products
Bushwick Steel   Steel Products
JLG   Aerial Work Platforms

Conveniently located just outside of Manhattan, orders can be processed quickly and delivered promptly. With a large inventory of equipment there is always a way to help a customer with their unique situation safely and efficiently.

Since safety comes first on any job site Colgate Scaffold offers two complete lines of fall arrest equipment. Dbi/Sala, a known leader in the industry and Gemtor; both provide safety and security to those working.


  Division of Griphoist




- Impossibility of being deblocked when loaded (Patented)
- Impossibility of hazardous maneuvers by incorrect handling
- Overload protection
- Very light and safe
- Easy change of cable

Mod. CO-5000

The safety of this model is fully guaranteed by TWO devices: Retention latch, that is continuously actuating on the internal mechanism, not allowing it go down and the automatic expansion brake, which is actuated by the weight of the scaffold and allows the assembly to be brought down smoothly and safely by continuous braking.

The tackle's main elements are tightly sealed and protected. A sliding sea fully covers the cable's inlet and outlet nozzle and does not allow any foreign matter to penetrate.

TWO HANDLES. So that the operator does not have to strain too much and for a better balance.

A DRUM WITH CAPACITY FOR 50 m of cable. Both the last two meters are painted red which serves as a warning for no more cable to unwind.


Features & Specifications  


Rated Capacity (lbs)

Lifting Speed (fpm)

Weight (lbs)

Electric Motor:

Type KW




XE 500P









The Tirak has features and benefits that place it in a league of its own. Its efficient, simple and constant traction principle allows the hoist to be used in any orientation, even upside down. Its angular design makes for easier servicing and positioning. And best of all, its low maintenance cost means thousands of dollars saved over the life of the machine.

Debris Chutes


Hanging Methods

Chute Hoists

Facilitate your chute installation with one of our SAFE & SIMPLE chute hoists. Each hoist breaks down to just a few key pieces that can be carried by one man and fit into an elevator car. Only 5 minutes to assemble using locking pins.

Aluminum Stages

Task Master Aluminum Stages

Task Master Aluminum Stages are engineered for many uses. They are ruggedly built, easy to handle and feature exclusive twist-proof rungs. These aluminum stages also feature a double row of rungs for extra stiffness on the 5" and 6" depth stages.

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