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When you need to go up... We keep the cost down

Colgate's reliability is well known, and they count among their satisfied clients such projects as Yonkers City Hall, St. Patrick's Cathedral, The Supreme Court at Centre Street, Jacobi Hospital and Park Avenue Synagogue.

Colgate is a family owned and operated business, with a knowledgeable and dedicated staff, we continue to pledge to bring to you the quality and reliability that Colgate is known for. We have the experience and the personnel needed to handle your job.

Colgate Scaffolding supports your workers and protects the public. Our top grade products such as Personnel and material hoists, Bridge equipment, Scaffolding, Shoring, Suspended systems, Debris and Fall protection netting systems are all sturdy and secure options. When you need to access a building, bridge a sidewalk or shore up a weakened wall, Colgate makes the job safe, for the people above and the people below. We can rent you the equipment you need, or install it for you.

Known for our competitive pricing, we design custom projects that fit your budget. We work with you as well as for you. Our Tri-State reputation for quality, safety and economy are unmatched. We are committed to doing the job right for you at the right price, without compromising safety.

The Chrysler Building, Lexington Ave and 42nd Street, scaffolding starting at the 68th floor and going up for work on the building facade.

NY Psychiatric Institute Kolb Laboratory, 168th Street and Riverside Drive, sidewalk bridging and scaffolding up the side of the building for work on the facade.

The Langham Building, 135 Central Park West, sidewalk bridging and scaffolding.

Park Avenue Christian Church, 1220 Park Avenue, sidewalk bridging and scaffold for access to Tiffany stained glass window and stone work.

St. Michael's Church, 225 West 99th Street, scaffolding installed to give workers access to steeple for stone work repair.

150 Mercer Street, 25" high scaffold build on top of outriger beams, extended out of the 12th floor.

The Chrysler Building

NY Psychiatric Institute

The Langham Building

Park Avenue
Christian Church

St. Michael's Church

150 Mercer Street


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