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We can turn a grassy lawn into a theatre-in-the-round, make a gymnasium look like a concert hall or elevate the inauguration of a president. Whether you need a concert stage or a movable support for heavy equipment, Colgate customizes platforms to fit your situation. Colgate also can create temporary billboards for advertisement.

Stage, dance platform, or working platform...Colgate is a name you can stand on.

New York State Supreme Court,
Main Rotunda Dome, 60 Centre Street, scaffold 60' high installed in circular pattern to reach up into occulas and to surround the chandelier.

U.S Coast Guard, Brooklyn Navy Yard, scaffolding for general ship maintenance on board.

Broadway on Broadway, Times Square, temporary stage platform for performances of Broadway Show Previews.

A custom stage designed at the Brooklyn Ship Yard is set up to shoot a music video for Missy Elliot.

125th Street,
Harlem, New York, A custom billboard is created for advertisement.

101 Barclay Street, A custom outrigger system installed to hold a four point suspended scaffold through smoke hatched, 300ft. in the ceiling.

Delacorte Theater,
Central Park, New York, Shakespeare festival.

NY State Supreme Court

US Coast Guard
Brooklyn Navy Yard

Broadway on Broadway

MTV Custom Stage at Brooklyn Ship Yard

MTV Custom Stage at
Brooklyn Ship Yard

A custom billboard for advertisement
125 Harlem, New York

101 Barclay St.

Queens Blvd.

Delacorte Theater

757 Greenwhich Avenue
(South & West Elevation)

757 Greenwhich Avenue
(South & West Elevation)

Emergency Interior & Exterior shoring to hold the fllors and walls of the two buildings, because of the sinking of the joining purty wall, due to the excavating of the subceller.

Renovation Damges Historic Building, The Villager, October 16, 2002, click here for more info

City Hall

Church of Incarnation

St. Raymond Church

St. Raymond Church

St. Raymond Church





1470 Bruckner Blvd
Bronx, NY 10473

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