Max Climber 2000-P
Rack & Pinion Personnel Lift

Product & Safety Features:
  • Each 5 ft. mast section weighs just 95 lbs. and is easily installed with four bolts.
  • Totally enclosed passenger cabin offers interlock switches tied to floor landing gates to detect when it is safe to enter and exit.
  • Call box feature at each floor landing gate allows cabin to be called to a specific floor and stop at pre-set levels with no operator necessary.
  • Floor stop mechanism inserted in mast section at desired stop height allows cabin to travel to floor and stop automatically.
  • Installation platform for installing and anchoring mast.
  • Screw jacks for easy and fast leveling of base unit.
  • Passenger cabin holds 2000 lbs. or a maximum of 7 people.
  • Cabin entry and exit doors are movable to accommodate various site installation requirements.
  • Internal cabin dimensions are 43" X 65".
  • Door openings 38" X 90".
  • System can be changed to material hoist with open basket.
  • 110 volt service outlet provided on board.





Maximum Anchored Height

Anchoring Distance

Three Phase Voltage

Climbing Speed

Base System Footpring

2000 lbs.
(max. 7 people)

480 ft.

20 ft.



75in. x 87in.